What Are Mala Beads? What You Should Know

mala beadsYou may think you do not know anything about mala beads, however, if you have ever seen a Buddhist monk with beads in hand while he is doing meditation, then you’ve already seen mala beads, you just didn’t know their name.

The origin of the beads can be traced back thousands of years. While most people associate it with Buddhism, it has its roots in Hinduism, which is a much older religion. Mala beads, however, do not belong to the exclusive domain of either religion. Because they help in concentration, anyone can use a string to concentrate on a particular mantra or thought.

Mala beads are widely available on the Internet, like here https://greateasternimports.com/malas.html and you only need to search for “mala beads” for sale on Google to know what we mean. How do you choose your beads? There are really just two ways. It’s either you the one that is made of wood, or you use a product that is made of gemstones.

We are not going to tell you which one to buy, however, we are going to tell you that while sandalwood and rosewood smell good, gemstones can help you fine tune your energy.

What you want to do is to find mala beads that are hand-crafted – the energy and love poured into the making of the mala bead can affect its vibration.

How much does it cost? Well, that really depends on whether or not you are buying a bracelet or a long bead necklace. Bead necklaces that have 109 beads in them, also called a full mala, usually cost $80 if it is made of gemstones. For bracelets, the cost is upwards of $25 for those that are made of gemstones. Obviously, you can get mala seeds cheaper if you buy them in wood.

Opening a Book Store in Huntersville

bookWhen one wants to open a book store there are many different things to consider. The goal is to turn your passion into real life and a small business can help that to come true if you truly enjoy what you’re doing.

One of our readers messaged and said that they live in the city of Huntersville NC and want to open a book store.  We say great!  You should always follow your dreams and do what you want but before you sign the lease there are a few things that you want to do.

First put together a plan.  Owning a small business in Huntersville can be very rewarding.  That carpet cleaning company whose owner we have met are a great example of a small business that delivers customer satisfaction every time.

Make a Plan

When you make your plan be sure to include the marketing.  How will people find your business?  Through search engine or paid advertising such as Facebook.  Also word of mouth is a great way to get the word around town.

Directories such as Yelp are another great way to establish a local presence.  One thing to make sure of is that you pick the location correctly.  Having a location that is accessible is  necessary for any business and especially a book store where people will want to come in and check out all the newest novels.


Having everything legal is also very important.  If you fail to do this then all your assets could be at risk and you could lose everything or potentially face a lawsuit down the road.  Make sure to hire a good lawyer and have everything taken care of from the start.

Other Services

Who says that a bookstore can only sell books.  There are many different things that you can sell.  Such as book accessories and related services.  You can hold publicity launches for certain authors and drive business that way.  The possibilities are endless.

We wish the best of luck to anybody that wants to take the plunge and open any kind of small business at all!



Reading to Help Learn Foreign Languages


If you want to learn a foreign language then reading is one of the best ways to accomplish this.  Reading is the foundation for almost all learning whether we realize it or not.  From elementary school to university we all have to read in order to learn more about the world around us.

When the time comes that you decide that you want to learn a foreign language then head on down to the bookstore and pick out a book in the language that you want to learn.  This could be virtually any language and it’s just important that you decide not to give up.  Check out the video below for more tips on how to leverage reading ability to learn a foreign language.

Just Some Favorite Foreign Books

Like every year, we carried out this daunting task, choosing the books we loved most. With one important difference: in recent days, it has become even more important. Foreign books are sometimes a lot better we find and if you can read French you’ll love this post.


Isabelle Monnin: The People in the envelope

It is the most human and most touching novel of the year.  It also deploys a disk with which it is integral.  It all started with a hundred photos of a mystery family purchased online by Isabelle Monnin. Who decides on these anonymous people and speaks to his friend Alex Beaupain. Who, then decides to write songs … Was it too simple? We must believe: Isabelle Monnin has made up his mind to find that family and write another book about their true history. Before Beaupain did blackmail him. Never has a book been this interesting.

Michel Houellebecq: Submission

Coming off Eschewing the mystic-decadent masterpiece of Huysmans, Barbey d’Aurevilly had this startling statement: “After such a book, it only remains for the author to choose between the mouth of a pistol or the foot of the Cross. It’s one of the charms of literature that challenge our certainties. That those who seek consolation in it a go their way.


Martin Amis: The area of interest

He has been called the “terrible infant of English letters” he is no longer a child but remains terribly wrong. His new crime (which earned him a refusal to publish its historical publishers) is to have shown that at the heart of the worst crime against humanity, humans remained human. Worse, he dares to tell a love story in the shadow of the crematoria.

Virginie Despentes Vernon Subutex

A new literary genre promises: the novel conceived as a TV series, which is not to demean it, quite the contrary. All inhumane relationships of the urban jungle are described: the aggressiveness, abandonment, betrayal, love, friendship, jealousy. And with them a shattered gallery of characters, from the extreme left to the identity fringe, urban wildlife wriggle where, in the language despentienne, oral and SpeeDee, New tradeurs and ex-rockers, and an antihero store, sort of stranger to Camus lost in his dirty and beautiful “Voodoo Child” by Jimi Hendrix. A saga, or rather series, more “misery” that “mysteries” of Paris, which gives us dramatically this news and even the future: a future without future. incestuous relationship: a domineering father, a humiliated girl and loves Yet their actions … They shouted at the chief of work or abomination. This September 2015, Christine Angot, crowned by the price in December, continuing what seems to be an elucidation company by reconstituting this time, the relationship between mother and daughter, displaying a surprising mastery of emotion and delivering a quietly powerful text on the grip, emotional and social, of a man on a woman in France in the 50-FL Mr.

Rémi Kauffer: World History of the Secret Service

The index takes 23 pages alone, riddled with spies whose names Kauffer recounts the misadventures. The task was daunting, but specialist oldest profession in the world – intelligence – juggles with eras, services and sometimes very twisted intrigues. Kim Philby Anna Chapman, Ramon Mercader to Oleg Penkovsky, he managed at the discretion of the hundreds of destinies, to build a true story, well-ordered, which run some red son such as technology or women. A tour de force. F.-G. L.